What does UCTC fund?

Funding is available to community groups or projects that meet at least one of our criteria.  Groups and projects must be for the benefit of the community rather than for the benefit of any individual or for private gain.

We do not fund individuals and all the groups or projects that we do provide funding to must be charitable in nature even if they are not recognised charities.  By this we mean that what the group or project does should be compatible with the charitable purposes as set out in Scottish Charity law.  For more information on charitable purposes please see guidance on the Charity Test from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

The criteria for groups and projects we will consider are:


Community Action

For example, community events involving music, dance, art and sport or the creation of a team of volunteers to create, lead and support community activities.


Community Organisations

For example, activities or improvements linked community facilities, organisations, and clubs.


Charitable Support

This allows the adoption of a “good cause” out-with the area but supported by the community.  A local group should normally be the applicant.


Environmental Projects

For example, the development of footpaths, improvement of energy efficiency in community facilities and the investigation of other renewable energy projects.


Community Health and Wellbeing

For example, the provision of facilities in Udny to help different age groups within the community.