The next Annual General Meeting of UCTC will be on Wednesday the 30th of October at 7.30pm in Pitmedden Church.

The Board of UCTC also meet on the last Wednesday of every month.  You can view the minutes of these meetings in the section Udny Community Trust Publications.


We are looking for new Directors to help us to help develop Udny and Pitmedden.

Read below why one of our current Directors Lynne Cartledge became a Director.

I was approached by Brian the Chairman of UCTC one day in the Udny Green school playground where my 2 children and his 2 grandchildren attend.  He asked if I would like to be involved.

I had heard of UCTC but I didn’t really know much about it.  I knew that they gave money to the community through the revenue of the turbine but that was about it.

I got elected onto the Board and then attended my first meeting.

I was pretty nervous as everyone around the table had been with UCTC for years and knew everything about it from the very start whereas I didn’t really know anything and what could I bring to the table?

I needn’t have worried as they were all so welcoming and I never felt like I was asking a ‘silly question’.

Now 4 years on I’m still there and thoroughly enjoy it.  I feel that by having a family at primary school I am looking out for the younger community in the Udny area and I am also a befriender for the older generation so I have an interest in seeing improvements for them too.

With Imagine Udny being rolled out there are so many opportunities to get involved to enhance the well-being of everyone in the area both young and old and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

If you wish to stand as a Director of UCTC, please inform Yvonne McLeod, UCTC Development Officer, in writing, prior to Monday the 21st of October 2019.