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Shaping the Future of Udny

Imagine Udny

The Imagine Udny charrette process was a series of community conversations and workshops where locals were encouraged to come together to discuss and share ideas for the future of the Udny area – with a particular focus on Pitmedden, and the need for community facilities.

It is an initiative of the Udny Community Trust and was delivered by the charity PAS .

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What was Imagine Udny trying to do?

Building on previous research, the aim of the project was to gather the views of residents, young people, local groups, charities, local businesses, landowners, developers, the Council, and others, to share ideas, set priorities and create a shared vision for the area.

A number of proposals came out of the Imagine Udny process and those that were considered priorities are set out in the Spatial Masterplan as distinct location focused projects. The other projects and ideas that were identified are listed alongside the prioritiy projects in the supporting Community Action Plan.

The Action Plan outlines the aspirations of the Pitmedden and wider Udny community for the next 10 years. Local residents and stakeholders proposed the actions contained within this plan, and these were gathered by PAS on behalf of Udny Community Trust in late 2018 using the Charretteplus community engagement process.

It is envisaged that the Action Plan will be used to influence the local statutory planning process, and may be seen as a Local Place Plan, bringing together residents, local elected representatives, community groups, Aberdeenshire Council and support partners to deliver and realise a shared vision for Udny’s future.


The context setting and evidence gathering stage of Imagine Udny involved desk based studies and research as well as stakeholder engagement with key community groups, elected members, and related planning partners.

These activities helped determine key issues relevant to the Pitmedden and surrounding Udny area.

Imagine Udny outputs

The community action plan and spatial masterplan have now been completed and are available to download in PDF format:

Community action plan [low resolution 2.4Mb] [high resolution 37Mb]

Spatial masterplan [low resolution 11.6Mb] [high resolution 80Mb]