Udny Community Trust

Once an offer of grant from the Udny Community Fund has been accepted, the total amount is committed and is unavailable to the Community Fund for other applicants.  Careful management of committed grants and claims is therefore essential.

All applicants should read these terms and conditions before applying to the Udny Community Fund.
Grant Conditions
Grants, or any part of the grant, must be used only for the purpose(s) set out in the offer of grant letter.

Grants are awarded from charitable funds and can only be used for purposes consistent with Scottish charity law.

The offer of grant letter must be signed and returned to Udny Community Trust within one month or it will be withdrawn.

Udny Community Trust may extend this time limit subject to agreement.  However, Udny Community Trust reserves the right to withdraw the offer of grant if necessary.

Grants will not be paid in advance unless prior agreement has been reached with Udny Community Trust.  Advance grants will only be available in very limited circumstances.

Grants can be claimed in stages by prior arrangement and this must be discussed with the Development Officer.

Grant claims must be made in writing (email is accepted) stating the amount being claimed and whether any further claims are to be made.  This is particularly important if the claim is for less than the full amount committed as unclaimed grant monies will be reallocated into the Fund.

Evidence of expenditure must be provided to support grant claims.

Acceptable forms of evidence include:

Where a grant is not, or will not be, claimed within 12 months from the date it was offered, notification of this must be given in writing to the Udny Community Trust otherwise the grant commitment will lapse.  Any unused portion of the grant funding must be returned to Udny Community Trust.

You can ask to change the way you spend some of the grant money committed.  You should contact the Development Officer to discuss any changes in advance.  No changes will be agreed if they are not consistent with charitable purposes as defined by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

If your project changes in a significant way or you cannot use all or most of the grant for its original purpose, you must contact the Development Officer as soon as possible.

Your grant will normally be paid by cheque made out to the group.  If you would like to discuss alternative arrangements such as BACS payment or direct payment of suppliers, please contact the Development Officer in advance.

Applicants must have a valid bank account as no payments will be made direct to an individual member.
The Udny Community Fund and Udny Community Trust must be acknowledged:

The Udny Community Trust logo is available in a variety of formats and can be requested from any member of staff.

A monitoring report must be submitted to Udny Community Trust within 12 months of the Udny Community Fund grant being claimed.

The form of this report is flexible but it must demonstrate the impact of the funding in relation to the purposes stated in the offer of grant letter.

Reports prepared for other funders may be accepted as long as they fulfil the conditions listed above.

Monitoring information must also clearly state the full actual cost of the project.  If this is not included in the report it must be separately confirmed in writing.

If the project is not complete within 12 months of the grant claim, an interim report must still be submitted and should be discussed with the Development Officer.

Any publicity material (see above) should be included with your report.

Advice on how to report can be sought from the Development Officer.

Published on 13 Jan 2020