Udny Community Trust

Funding is available to community groups or projects that can show they provide benefit to the community of Udny.

The Udny Community Fund
We do not fund individuals or private organisations/ businesses. All the groups or projects that we
fund must be charitable in nature even if they are not recognised charities.  By this we mean that
what the group or project does should be compatible with the charitable purposes set out in Scottish
charity law.  

For more information on charitable purposes please see guidance on the Charity Test from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

Please note that grant applications will now only be considered at our February, May, August and November Board Meetings.

Deadline Dates

Nov     20th Nov up to £500     30th Oct over £500

The criteria for the Udny Community Fund are reviewed regularly. They were revised in 2017 to fit more closely with our charitable purposes.

The criteria for groups and projects we will consider are:

Community facilities.

Buildings or other facilities in Udny and for the use of the Udny community.

Skills and capacity building for members of community organisations.

Examples might include formal or informal training for volunteers or projects that help organisations to develop and meet community needs.

Environmental improvement, protection or conservation.

Projects in Udny that contribute to protecting, improving or conserving the natural environment.

Community events, projects and festivals.

For example, new or ongoing projects that help bring people together and build connections.

Education and learning opportunities for young people.

For example, formal or informal training that helps young people gain new skills or contribute to their community.

Other activities that support community development.

Projects with benefits to the community of Udny that do not fit the above criteria but nonetheless are compatible with our

Charitable purposes and with Scottish charity law.

Published on 21 Jan 2020