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22 July 2020


Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our survey about the proposed new community cafe in our new building. In the end we received an amazing 475 responses.   It’s given us a lot to think about and it will take a little while for us to review all the comments submitted.


The vast majority of the responses were supportive of the general idea, but you have given us some really interesting suggestions about exactly what you would like to see and the things you would like us to take into account.


A few points came up a few times and it is worth addressing them here.


A couple of people told us that they were disappointed with our ambition for the site.  Please be assured that we see this very much as a starting point rather than the end, but we do have to start somewhere.  Anyone who would like to become more involved in the project is always welcome.  Whatever we end up doing is going to take time and effort.  More hands will make for lighter work.


Quite a few people told us that they just wanted the hotel to remain as it was.  In particular, they really want the bar to re-open. 

Sadly, the previous owners decided to close the doors last July and the building had been up for sale for some time before that. No other buyer had come forward and the Trust has now purchased the building for the use of the community.  The alternative was to risk it becoming derelict or possibly converted for another use. 

We are a charity and running a bar isn’t something that we could do, even if we were inclined.


Finally, there were a few comments suggesting that the Trust isn’t very good at keeping people informed. We do try our best but if anyone has ideas for how we could do this better please let us know.

We currently have 283 members and ten volunteer board members.  We welcome anyone who lives in the parish of Udny, to join and to get involved in our efforts. 


We post information about our grant scheme and projects on our website and post regular updates on our Facebook page

We submit regular articles to Pitmedden News and send press releases to the wider newspaper media to try and keep people informed. 


We have carried out lots of local consultation over the last few years and now we are doing our best to deliver some of the things that people told us they wanted to see.


If anyone would like more information about anything that we do, or to discuss specific ideas, please get in touch directly via or . Tel: 01651 843776. 

Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Published on 22 Jul 2020